Assorted Nuts Animation Studios is an independent development and production house. The studio develops and exploits intellectual properties for the international market; Animated Feature Films, TV-series & On-Demand content, spanning all age-groups and genres, from pre-school to family entertainment to adult comedy.

That's the business version. The simpler version is that we develop and produce animated Feature Films, TV-Series and On-Demand Content for children of all ages. And we have had a great time doing it ever since 2002, when the company was founded.



Bo Landin
Executive Chairman

Bo LandinBo Landin has 40 years of experience as a science, natural history and environmental writer and producer for magazines, books, radio and television. His internationally award winning work include more than a hundred documentary films in international distribution and several hundred TV programs in Sweden. 

Landin is the founder, President and CEO of Scandinature Films USA Inc. and the founder and CEO of LVL Slickrock Films, both based in Utah, USA. Bo Landin is the Chairman of the Board of Assorted Nuts Animation Studios. 

For over a decade, starting in 1990, Bo Landin was the presenter and executive producer of commercial broadcaster TV4’s regular natural history program, one of the most successful factual programs on Swedish television. His work is regularly seen on TV screens on all continents, and in the USA he has coproduced and directed films for the Discovery Channel since its inception.


Erik Öhrner
COO & Business Relations

Also known as Mister Estimator or Easy-Budget-Guy, on account of being able to budget anything in under 5 minutes, be it a simple modeling job or a multi-million dollar production.

With a degree in Media and Communications and a history as a musician and as a journalist as well, Erik wanted a new challenge. With his experience, he jumped on the chance to head up Assorted Nuts’ business as Chief Financial Officer.

After ten years, he is starting to get the hang of cash-flows and them other “documents with numbers in ‘em”. While juggling numbers with his left hand, Erik is, as all members of the studio, involved in the creative and producing aspects of the productions as well.


Magnus Jansson

Starting out nothing more than a Named Spawn, Magnus felt the tap of destiny but, alas, it turned out only to be a friend playing a prank. Devastated, he soon found himself on the streets of suburban Sweden and in a dog-eat-dog world. Luckily, it was only a day-trip, but the experience would come to change him forever.

He wanted to do something with his life. Something good. So he started the punk-rock band Stoned together with his friends and whirlwind adventure was underway. Five albums and several tours around the world later, the band hung up their instruments. It had been a fun ride, but they never really got all that groupie-action that they had been led to believe would magically manifest.

Today, Magnus is an award-winning writer-director at Assorted Nuts Animation Studios. His work on the online phenomenon "The Goob" earned him and his team the 2010 Streamy Award for ”Best Animation in a Web-Series”. A complete transmedia project - The Goob became a mobile hit in 2008 with Sony Ericsson, getting over five million mobile downloads in the first year, is an EMI Music recording artist, and the world's first animated video-blogger.

Magnus also likes writing bios about himself in the third person. One of his favorites pastimes, really. 



Per Johan Björnstedt
Board Member

Nils Magnus Nilsson
Board Member

Bo Rydgren
Board Member

Hans Dyster-Aas
Board Member